Locations Relevant to War & Roses, 1470



Bolton (Town)

Carlisle (City)

Cheviot Hills, The Border with the Kingdom of Scotland (Landmark)

The Humber River (Landmark)

Lancaster (City)

Liverpool (Town, Port)

Newcastle Upon Tyne (Fortress)

Ravenspurn (Port, Landing site)

Stoke-on-Trent (Town)

Tunstall (Town)

Wakefield (Fortress)

York (Fortress, City)


Leicester (City)

Lichfield (Landmark, Town)

Nantwich (Town)

Nottingham (Landmark, Town)

Stafford (Town)

Worcester (City)


Cambridge (Town, Landmark)

Luton (City)

Ipswich (CIty, Port)

Norwich (City)


Bristol (City, Port)

Canterbury (Cathedral & Monastery, Town)

Cornwall (Town, Landing site)

Esher (Town)

Exeter (City)

King’s Lynn (Town, Port)

The Cinque Ports

  • Hastings (Port)
  • New Romney (Port, Landing Site)
  • Hythe (Port)
  • Dover (Port)
  • Sandwich (Port, Landing Site)

London (City, Capital)

  • Westminster (Royal Residence)
  • Tower of London (Fortress)

Salisbury (Town)

Southampton (Port, Landing Site)

St. Albans (Landmark, Town)

Tewkesbury (Town)

Welsh Marches

Gloucester (Town)

Hereford (Town)

Ludlow (Fortress)

Oswestry (Town)

Shrewsbury (Landmark, Town)

Wigmore (Fortress)


Anglesey (Landmark, Town)

Caernarfon (Fortress)

Milford Haven (Port, Landing site)

Monmouth (Town)

Pembroke (Town)

Swansea (Port, Landing Site)

Vale of Clwyd (Landmark)

Vale of Glamorgan (Landmark)

Welshpool (Town)

Other Important Locations

Calais, Northern France

Cork, Munster, Ireland

Duchy of Burgundy

Drogheda, Leinster, Ireland

Dublin, Pale of Ireland

Isle of Mann

Kilkenny, Leinster, Ireland

Li├Ęge, Belgium

Rouen, Northern France

Ulster, Ireland

Waterford, Munster, Ireland


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