Battle Units

Noble Wards

Noble Ward describes the household retainers and retinues of any king, lord, baron, or noble commander. Player Character’s generally control no more than two characters during campaigns and battles.


Contingents, The largest and most common grouping of soldiers for battle in War & Roses, a CONTINGENT is a group of armed men which total 50 soldiers.

1 Contingent: 50 men-at-arms, archers, cavalry, etc.
4 Contingents: 200
8 Contingents: 400
12 Contingents: 600
15 Contingents: 750
20 Contingents: 1000

Detachments and Squadrons

Detachments describe 10 soldiers. Detachments can be formed into groups of 40 total soldiers which can form a Squadron. Squadrons can attack contingents as well as other detachments or squadrons commanded by both PCs and NPCs. Detachments and squadrons fight on a micro scale whilst contingents fight on a macro scale.

Battle Units

Men-at-arms, or Heavy Infantry
Well armed and armored soldiers. Generally knights, household retainers, professional soldiers or well armed commoners. +1 Attack Rating bonus against all enemy units.

Militia or Light Infantry
Large masses of untrained or semi-trained soldiers. Includes shire militias and impressed peasants, crofters, and the poor.

Continental Mercenaries
Well armed and trained professional soldiers from the Continent. Usually Germans, Burgundians, Swiss, or Low Countrymen. +2 Attack rating bonus against all enemy units except men-at-arms.

Mounted spears riding on heavy destriers. Often knights or well armored household retainers. -2 Attack Rating penalty against all infantry.

Longbowmen. Both trained soldiers and levies. +2 Attack Rating bonus against all enemy units.

Mostly small cannon firing light and heavy shot as well as the deadly but inaccurate grapeshot. Larger weaponry such as trebuchets and naval cannons may be used during siege warfare.

Specialist Units
Includes a variety of unique units like the barefooted Irish kerns, Scottish spearmen, mounted bowmen, hand gunners (hand cannons), naval infantry, or spies.

Battle Units

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