Thomas Stanley

Lord Stanley & King of Mann


Attack: +10

Special Abilities

Commands 5 contingents of men-at-arms, 4 contingents of archers, 9 contingents of militia, and 1 contingent of Flemish mercenaries. 4 knights are sworn to him, Sir Angus Studman, a Scot, Sir Geoffrey Woodhouse, Sir LlewelIyn Ednowain Ap Bradwen, a Welshman known for his skill with a bow. His standard bearer is Sir Thomas Quartermain, a Calais veteran who fought at First St. Albans in 1455.


House stanley azure

Lord Stanley is 35 years of age at the start of War & Roses. As a young squire he served in the court of King Henry VI from 1448-1451. When he was a 17 year old man-at-arms he fought at the Battle of Castillon in the year 1453. His father died in the year 1459 and he succeeded him as Lord Stanley and as the King of the Isle of Mann, a small island fiefdom resting in the Irish sea between England and Ireland.

Sir John Stanley fought the House of Lancaster at the Battle of Ludford Bridge in 1459 and at Wakefield in December of 1460. His younger brother Sir William fought for the Yorkists at the Battle of Blore Heath in 1459, whilst Lord Stanley fought for the House of York. At Towton in the year 1461 Lord Stanley fought for King Edward IV. The Stanley family’s arms are three stags head on a bend azure. Many of Lord Stanley’s banners modify his families’ arms by adding the device of the Isle of Mann as well. Because he has remained mostly out of the War of the Roses many dislike him as they do his younger brother Sir William Stanley.

He has one son, the ten year old George Stanley with Lady Eleanor Neville, Sir George was named the Baron Strange in the year 1470. He is Uncommitted to either the houses Lancaster or York. Lord Stanley is Slow to Arms and is known to be a Trimmer.

Thomas Stanley

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