Richard Shelton

Lord Tunstall


Attack: +10

Special Abilities

Black Arrow
Sir William is an accomplished archer. Gain 2
additional, +10 Ranged Attacks. All successful strikes
inflict 4 damage points & 2 Wounds. (Once Per Turn)

Practiced Command Of Arms
+2 Attack rating bonus in Personal Combat.

Baron Shelton currently commands 3 contingents of archers, 1 contingent of milita, and 3 knights, Sir Roger Duckworth, Sir William Mallerby, a defrocked Friar known as Lawless Will, and Sir Christopher Greensheeve, are sworn to him.


Sir Richard Shelton of Tunstall in East Yorkshire is 28 years of age at the start of War & Roses in January of 1470. The second son of Sir Henry Shelton, Richard’s father was slain at the Battle of St. Albans in 1455 fighting under the Earl of Salisbury. Sir Richard is known informally by those closest to him as Dick. His elder brother Sir John was slain at the Battle of Hedgley Moor in 1464 and he was slightly wounded in the press of the battle. He turned outlaw at the age of fifteen but did not become a known leader of outlaws and brigands until the year 1462. In his youth he fought as a Yorkist partisan in the North during the reign of King Henry VI and during the early reign of King Edward IV.

During Richard’s years as an outlaw leader, his band of partisans come to be known as the Black Arrow Fellowship, or simply, the Black Arrows, because they used arrow heads blackened with coal. They harassed and waylaid Lancastrians and Yorkists alike during the 1460’s; killing few but robbing many. Sir Richard is still revered amongst the townspeople of eastern Yorkshire because his Black Arrow Fellowship helped to protect them and their property from sacking and plundering from marauding Lancastrian or Yorkist armies. Most nobles look down upon him and shun him however because he is a man of high birth who chose to become an outlaw.

The Black Arrows are most infamous for carrying out the 1465 massacre at the parish of Silkstone in southern Yorkshire to prevent Lord Simon Shoreby, a Lancastrian, from marrying into the Neville family. Before the wedding procession began, the Black Arrows slaughtered Shoreby’s retainers, stealing his bride-to-be, Lady Matilda Neville, the Earl of Salisbury’s youngest sister. Sir William killed the bridegroom himself with an arrow to the eye and then escaped with Lady Matilda to Northumberland where they soon married.

Sir Richard was named traitor and made an outlaw until he received a royal pardon from King Edward in the year 1467 and formally disbanded the Black Arrows. Made Baron Shelton in the year 1468. Baron Shelton has two young sons with Lady Matilda, George and Andrew, and holds lands and a manor house to the south of Tunstall in Withernsea. He is a Yorkist Well Wisher.

Richard Shelton

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