Richard Plantagenet

Warden of the Western Scottish Marches


Attack: +11

Special Abilities

Prince of York
The Duke of Gloucester is a vigorous and loyal young
Yorkist prince of the blood.+1 LVL save to death or retreat tests.

Practiced Command at Arms
+2 Attack rating bonus in Personal Combat.

Loyal to the Cause & Iron Nerve (+2 Nerve Test Roll). Richard cannot betray the Yorkist Faction at any time.

Commands 6 contingents of Gloucestershire militia, 5 contingents of Yorkist men-at-arms, 5 contingents of archers, and 1 contingent of mounted spears. Sir William Parr, is sworn to him.


Richard boar badge

Richard the Duke of Gloucester is 18 years of age at the beginning of War & Roses. He is the youngest surviving son of Richard the Duke of York who was killed at the Battle of Wakefield when the young prince Richard was only eight years old. His mother is Lady Cecily the Dutchess of York, as such he is related to the Nevilles of Westmorland, Salisbury, Fauconberg, Kent, and Warwick. Richard’s eldest brother is King Edward IV who was crowned in 1461, Sir George the Duke of Clarence is his second eldest surviving brother.

The Duke of Gloucester was born at Fotheringhay Castle in Northamptonshire in the year 1452. He spent most of his early life in Ireland and later France with his elder brother George, the Duke of Clarence. Immediately before the start of the War of the Roses he returned to live with his mother at Fotheringhay. In December of 1460 both his father the Duke of York and his older brother Edmund the Earl of Rutland were slain following the Yorkist defeat at the Battle of Wakefield. Following his fathers’ death he went into exile with his eldest brother Prince Edward who was then the Duke of York and Earl of March.

Prince Richard is unmarried and is a Committed Yorkist. The Duke of Gloucester marches currently from Gloucester castle in the spring of 1470 to gain support for an attack on his brother’s Lancastrian enemies in the North.

Richard Plantagenet

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