Percival Randolph

Lord of Castle Rising


Attack: +9

Special Abilities

+1 bonus to any Courage or
Judgement test.

Yellow Lucy
Lord Randolph may make a LVL test of 21
to heal all wounds to himself and immediate companions.
This ability can be used to rally a scattered command,
battalion, or unit in battle as well.

Commands 3 contingents of men-at-arms, 2 contingents of Burgundian and Flemish mercenaries, and 1 contingent of archers. 2 knights wear his livery, Sir Benjamin Turbutt and the one eyed Burgundian noblemen, Sir Hugues de Bourgogne of Beaune.



Lord Percival Randolph is 29 years of age in January of 1470. He is the son of Sir Walter Randolph and a minor princess from Bohemia. As a boy he served as a squire to the Duke of Warwick. Sir Percival’s mother died in childbirth and his father Sir Walter was slain at St. Albans in 1455 fighting for King Henry VI and the House of Lancaster. Lord Randolph was in Burgundy, France at the time of his fathers’ death and returned in 1456 as Sir Percival the Lord of Castle Rising in Norfolk. Lord Randolph’s arms are three yellow lucys, or pikes, on a field of red. This is the reason why many commoners call Lord Randolph Lord Lucy or the Lord of the Lucies.

In the Wars of the Roses thus far, Lord Randolph has fought at Second St. Albans for the House of York, and Towton in March of 1461 for the House of Lancaster under the Duke of Somerset. After the Lancastrian defeat at Towton he fled to Burgundy where he lived in his modest estate outside Dijon for eight years, where made his personal fortune in the lucrative Gascony wine trade. During his exile in the year 1467, Lord Randolph fought in the Battle of Brustem in Belgium bringing an English-Welsh force of 200 men-at-arms to fight for Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy.

Lord Percival married Lady Gertrude after being rejected by many older and more suitable Burgundian princesses in 1469. Lord Randolph is known to be a miser who has substantial wealth in treasure and estates. He holds lands in England, Wales, and France. He holds further estates and business interests in the Kingdom of Bohemia and in Burgundy as well. The Lord of Castle Rising is married to Lady Gertrude of Flanders who is a maiden of 16 years of age. He is Uncommitted.

Percival Randolph

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