John Neville

Earl of Northumberland & Warden of the Eastern Scottish Marches


Attack: +11

Special Abilities

Bold Command
All infantry and cavalry attacks cost
-1 Command Points in battle.

Practiced Command At Arms
+2 Attack rating bonus in Personal Combat.

Commands 7 contingents of Warwickshire militia, 6 contingents of Neville household men, 4 contingents of archers, and 3 detachments of mounted spears. 3 knights wear his livery, Sir Hubert Betancourt, Sir Roger Tweed, and Sir Estêvão da Figo, a swarthy Portuguese knight.



John Neville Lord Montagu and Earl of Northumberland is 38 years of age in January of 1470. Youngest son of Richard the Earl of Salisbury, he is the younger brother of Richard Neville the Earl of Warwick. In the War of the Roses thus far, he has fought in many battles and skirmishes including Blore Heath in the year 1459 where he was captured. Lord Montagu was eventually freed his brother the Earl of Warwick after the Yorkist victory at Battle of Northampton in 1460.

Sir John fought under his father the Earl of Salisbury at the Battle of Wakefield in December of the same year where his father was killed and he escaped following the Yorkist defeat. He fought against the Lancastrians at the Second Battle of St. Albans in 1461 where he was wounded and captured again by the Lancastrians, this time after being defeated by Sir William Beaumont in personal combat. Sir John is a gracious man who is also humble and pious. He prays at least three times a day if not more on the Sabbath or on the day of battle. Lord Montagu fought at both the Battles of Ferrybridge and Towton in March of 1461.

He received 2 grievous wounds at Towton and killed four knights in the bloody mêlée and press of the battle. As one of King Edward’s most faithful and brave battle commanders he helped to defeat the Lancastrian Northern uprising in 1464 at Hedgley Moor and Hexham. After crushing the Lancastrian rebellion in the north of 1464 he was granted the Earldom of Northumberland by King Edward.

Many northern lords, both Lancastrians and Yorkists, greatly disapprove of his rule because he is not a member of the Percy Family thus putting him in a precarious situation. Lord Montagu remained a faithful Yorkist until 1469 when he rebelled against King Edward alongside his brother the Earl of Warwick and the king’s brother George the Duke of Clarence. Lord Montagu is married to a commoner, Lady Ingoldesthorpe of Kent, and is a Lancastrian Well Wisher. He currently resides in Northumberland as the single most powerful Lancastrian magnate in the North.

John Neville

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