John Cheney

Knight of the Body for Queen Elizabeth


Attack: +13

Special Abilities

Adept Command of Arms
+2 Attack rating and +1 Damage to all attacks
made in Personal Combat.

Vigorous Knight
Gain one additional Melee strike in personal combat.

Commands 2 detachments of men-at-arms. One knight, Sir John Robinson of Yorkshire, wears his livery.


Sir john cheney arns

Sir John Cheney of Kent is 27 years old in January of 1470. He was third but only surviving son of Baron John Cheney. In the War of the Roses he fought at Wakefield in 1460, the Second Battle of St. Albans, and Towton in the year 1461. From 1460-1464 he served King Edward’s IV personal bodyguard and was never far from the young king’s side. Knighted by King Edward in the year 1465 at the coronation of his wife, Queen Elizabeth, he is one of the most accomplished and fearsome warriors in England, Scotland, or Ireland. He spent a year at the court of King Christian I of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, it was here that Sir John was given the name, the Vigorous Knight, for his impressive displays of martial prowess. Sir John returned to King Edward’s court in 1466. His arms are a white bend splitting six rampant yellow lions on field of azure.

Baron Cheney spent nearly four years as a Knight of the Body for Queen Elizabeth and the Princesses of York thereafter. He was also a member of Edward’s Parliament in 1467. In the same year, Sir John became Baron Cheney after the death of his father. At Edgecote Moor he killed seven Lancastrian knights and men-at-arms. After the battle, Baron Cheney escaped certain death at the hands of the victorious and vengeful Lancastrians when he killed a Lancastrian knight, stole his mount, and escaped to the coast for Northern France.

Sir John fled to raise support for a counter-invasion of England where he currently remains. Baron Cheney is unmarried and is a Committed Yorkist. He is known as a monster of a man, standing 6’9’’ inches tall and weighing over 21 stones (295 lbs).

John Cheney

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