Edmund Beaufort

Earl of Dorset


Attack: +11

Special Abilities

Deft Defence
The Duke of Somerset may play more than
one defensive stratagem per turn in battle.

Practiced Command At Arms
+2 Attack rating in Personal Combat
against all foes.

Loyal, Steadfast Commander, and Die-Hard.

Commands 8 contingents of militia, 4 contingents of archers, 3 contingents of Burgundian mercenaries, 3 contingents of men-at-arms, and 3 knights wear his livery, his cousin Sir Richard Somerset, his standard bearer, Esquire John Flory, and Sir Benjamin Warrwick. He commands 5 ships, all old war cogs including his flagship, the Hollander.


Edmund Beaufort the 4th Duke of Somerset & Earl of Dorset is 30 years of age at the start of the War & Roses. The second son of Sir Edmund Beaufort the 2nd Duke of Somerset, who was killed in the First Battle of St. Albans in the year 1455. He is the grandson of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and father of King Henry IV. Sir Edmund succeeded his eldest brother Henry Beaufort the 3rd Duke of Somerset and Earl of Dorset after he was executed following his capture after the Lancastrian defeat at the Battle of Hexham in the year 1464. His arms are a lion rampant sable on a yellow field below a label of five white points.

In the War of the Roses thus far, Sir Edmund has fought at the Second Battle of St. Alban’s and the Battle of Towton in March of 1461. In the year 1464 he fought at both the battles of Hedgley Moor and Hexham during the Northern Lancastrian uprising led by his oldest, brother, the Duke of Somerset. Edmund inherited his brother’s titles following his execution and then fled immediately to exile in southern Ireland. The Duke of Somerset became an integral part of the Lancastrian court in exile, first in Scotland and then in Northern France as a Knight of the Body to Queen Marguerite and King Henry VI.

He tutored the Prince of Wales in the ways of warfare and became his guardian 1465-1468. In the year 1467 he and the young prince raided King’s Lynn in Norfolk, burning and plundering the town until they were driven back to their boats. The Duke of Somerset is unmarried and is a Committed Lancastrian.

Edmund Beaufort

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