War & Roses

Blood, Badges, & Honor: Medieval and early Renaissance civil war in England, the War of the Roses, 1455-1487: A Role Playing & Wargame campaign set during the struggle for the Crown of England between the Houses of Lancaster and York in the year 1470.

War   roses towton 1461

War & Roses begins in January of 1470. The English throne lays unclaimed as many different nobles and knights sworn to the houses of York and Lancaster fight to claim it for their respective King, Henry VI of Lancaster or King Edward IV of York.

Each house is defended by many lords, knights, and men-at-arms of both die-hard and of dubious loyalties. As such the conflict between Lancaster & York has embroiled all of England and Wales in a bloody civil war and ongoing dynastic blood feud. Which dynasty will you fight for, the York family of the North and King Edward, or the royal House of Lancaster and King Henry?

Please visit the inspiration for this campaign, the wonderful comrades-in-arms and game makers at The Perfect Captain.

War and Roses 1470: The Kingmaker

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