Warfare is best described as a test of arms between two or more armies in the field of combat. Great kings, barons, lords, and other Noble Commanders wage war in two distinct ways, battling between armies at a micro level; and campaigning throughout greater England, Wales, and Ireland at macro level against friend and foe alike.

In War & Roses there are four primary phases of battle: array, forward, mêlée, and the press.



Array Available Units into Three Active Battalions for Battle. Designate one battalion (or ‘battle’) as the noble ward.

  • Centre
  • Vanguard
  • Rearguard
  • Reserve (Optional)

Initiative: Each side rolls for initiative. The winning noble commander decides whether to attack or defend in the upcoming battle.

Example- House of Lancaster (Y) rolls d20 9, House Of York (Y) rolls d20 16. York chooses to attack. Lancaster must defend.


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