Personal Combat

Personal Combat

Personal Combat is a test of arms between two men-at-arms or two Player Character’s (PC’s) which may both precede or follow battle between organized armies.

Generally Personal or Single Combat is fought between two knights or two men-at-arms of comparable noble ranking though it may also at times involve men of lower rank or of no rank at all (Amateur or Lightly trained at Arms).

In the thick of a melee in a battle or skirmish in War & Roses 1470, a noble lord or knight might find himself in combat with multiple enemies in one engagement, fighting frantically to win the day, kill their rivals, or very simply, to save their own neck.

First Phase

The Melee or Ranged Attack

When the Player Character (PC) wishes to attack they add 1 d20 roll to their Attack stat, adding or subtracting any number of possible modifiers to the Melee Strike.

The Attack test or Attack rating is then compared to the Defending PC or NPC’s Defense rating which is calculated by adding the PC’s Puissance stat and base Armor Rating.

The attacking PC can attack half as many times as their LVL-always rounding down, per movement & per turn in Personal Combat. Example-A character with LVL 7 may only attack 3x per movement whilst a character with LVL 8 may attack 4x per movement.

  • d20 rolls of 1 always miss when attacking.

The Defender may make a 1 immediate counter attack if a PC or NPC rolls 1 d20 twice in a row when attempting to attack them in personal combat.

Third Phase

Inflicting Damage & Wounds

  • All successful Melee Strikes made by the PC inflict 1 point of (HP) damage upon the target
  • Wounds are inflicted when the PC’s Attack or melee strike (Attack rating + 1 d20 roll) tests even with the targets Armor Rating.
  • 3 Wounds equals 2 points of [Health Point, (HP)] Damage
    1X Slight Wound
    2x Major Wound
    3x Grievous Wound

In the Fourth Phase of Personal Combat the Defender may launch his melee attacks against the Aggressor using the same format described above in Phases II-III.

A character is killed or defeated in single combat when their Health Points, HP, reaches 0. When this happens a LVL test of 21 is made. If the PC successfully saves then they are immediately granted 2 HP. If the PC fails, then they are done to death: killed.

Personal Combat

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