Non Player Characters

House of Lancaster

King Henry VI, King of England, Ireland, & Wales. Born in the year 1421.

Queen Marguerite d’Anjou of the House of Anjou of Valois, Queen Margaret the Queen Consort of England. Wife of Henry VI, married to him in the year 1445. Mother of Edward of Westminster, the Prince of Wales, born in October of 1453.
Born in the year 1430.

LVL 9 Courage 6 Judgement 4 Wealth 8

Bishop George Neville, Archbishop of York and Bishop of Exeter. Youngest son of the Earl of Salisbury and brother of Richard, Earl of Warwick. Born in the year 1433.

Sir Jasper Tudor, Duke of Bedford, former Earl of Pembroke. Son and heir of Sir Owen Tudor and Catherine of France, King Henry V’s widow. Born in the year 1431.

Sir John Conyers the Lord of Hornby Castle and Sheriff of Yorkshire. Born in the year 1416.

Sir Ralph Bromley the Lord Wigmore & Lord of Wigmore Castle. Born in the year 1426.

House of York

Queen Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort of England, Ireland, and Wales. Born in the year 1437. Wife of King Edward VI.

Sir Anthony Woodville, Lord Scales & Captain of Calais. Born in the year 1434

Sir Edward Neville, Baron Bergavenny, son of Sir Ralph de Neville and a uncle of Earl of Warwick. Born in the year 1416.

Sir Henry Bourchier the Earl of Essex, Viscount Bourchier, & Lord High Treasurer to King Edward IV. Born in the year 1404.

Sir John Tiptoft Earl of Worcester, Lord High Constable of England, Constable of the Tower of London & Lord Deputy of Ireland. Born in the year 1427.

Sir John Howard, Duke of Norfolk & treasurer of the Yorkist household. Born in the year 1426.


Sir William FitzAlan the Earl of Arundel, Baron Maltravers & Admiral of the Cinque Ports. Born in the year 1417.

Sir James the Black Douglas formerly the 9th Earl of Douglas & 3rd Earl of Avondale. Born in the year 1426.

Sir Ralph Greystroke, Baron Greystroke & Lord Grey. Born in the year 1408.

Sir Percival Randolph, Lord of Castle Rising, known commonly as Lord Lucy. Born in the year 1429.

Sir Humphrey Bourchier, Lord Cromwell. Eldest son and heir of the Viscount Bourchier the Earl of Essex.Born in the year 1426.

Sir Thomas Stanley, Lord Stanley & King of Mann. Born in the year 1435.

Sir John Wenlock the Baron Wenlock, Knight of Bedfordshire & Constable of Vernon. Born in the year 1404.

Non Player Characters

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