Of Historical Note: This game is surrounded by history and events which are true or may be true but it is still historical fiction. All characters within are fictional composites of their real life counterparts who lived between 545-575 years ago. All Player Character’s (PC’s) and Non-Player Characters (NPC’s) are not to be taken as realistic portrayals of once living people.

Though War & Roses is strongly based on actual history there’s is a point of historical divergence beginning in 1469-1470 following on the heels of King Edward’s IV’s dethronement after the Battle of Edgecote Moor in July 1469 by the Richard Neville the Earl of Warwick and his Lancastrian allies.

London is now garrisoned by only few armed gentry and peasants, no royal authority asserts control over the land and the throne in London lays empty without a king to sit upon it as the Yorkists and Lancastrians terrorize the countryside & each other to win control over England and Wales.

Artwork and Character portraits unless otherwise noted are from The Perfect Captain and their amazingly awesome Wars of the Roses campaign setting & rule book entitled, A Paper Crown set in 1455 and 1460-1461, respectively, during the “First Phase” of the Wars of the Roses.

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