Great Castles



Alnwick castle (Duke of Northumberland, York

Bamburgh castle (York)

Dunstanburgh castle ( Lancaster)

Hornby castle (Lord Conyers, Lancaster)

Norham castle ( York)


Bolton castle (Baron Scrope, York)

Middleham castle (Duke of Gloucester, York)

Pontefract castle ( Lancaster)

Sandal castle ( Lancaster)

Skipton castle (Lord of Skipton, York)

Warkworth castle (Richard Neville, Lancaster)

York and Micklegate castle (York)


Donnington Castle (York)

Dover castle (Lancaster)

Castle Rising in Norfolk (York)

Guildford castle (Baron Esher, York)

Tower of London


Chartley castle (Baron Ferrers, York)

Codnor castle (Henry Grey, Uncommitted)

Fotheringhay castle (York)

Kenilworth castle ( Lancaster)

Ludlow castle (Duke of Gloucester, York)

Queensborough castle ( York)

Tattershall castle ( Lancaster)

Warwick castle (Earl of Warwick, Lancaster)

Wigmore castle (Lord of Wigmore, York)


Caernarfon castle ( Uncommitted)

Harlech castle ( York)

Pembroke castle ( York)

Raglan castle (William Herbert)

Ruthin castle (Baron Grey, Uncommitted)

Great Castles

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