Command and Tactics

Command Points

Command Points are assigned to Noble Wards and to each Playable (PC) noble commander before a battle takes place in War & Roses. They govern the use of attacks and are used in addition to play unique stratagems and battle tactics as well.

Characters LVL 6 and below are granted 8 command points to begin every battle. Characters LVL 7 are granted 10 command points, LVL 8, 12 command points. LVL 9, 14 Command Points. LVL 10, 15 command points, plus infantry attacks do not any cost command points.


Handstrokes are actions or commands that can be issued by a noble commander on the field of battle. In every battle or engagement each noble commander of a battalion receives 1 handstroke which can be used in a variety of different ways to effect an outcome on the battlefield.

The most common handstrokes issued are archer attacks, infantry attacks, and infantry charges. Handstrokes may also be used by noble commanders to play stratagems, such as attempting flanking or feint maneuvers, or for using unique character ability tests (dependent on the location of the battle and/or the Player Character’s special abilities potentially directed by the Game Master.).

Arrow Attack
See Archery below.

Cavalry Charge
3 Command Points

Infantry Attacks

3 Command Points for every 50 infantry
2 Command Points for 40 or less soldiers ( detachments or squadrons)

Infantry Charge 4 Command Points

Choose 1 contingent or 1 detachment/squadron and attack with haste. Gain +2 Attack Rating bonus against any light infantry (militia, levies) or archers.


Flight-Archers fire light arrows that travel farther and faster. Good at long ranges. 1 Command Points for every 10-50 archers.

Sheaf-Archers fire heavy arrows at a low trajectory. Good at close range. 2 Command Points for every 10-25 archers.


Light Shot, 3 Command Points

Heavy Shot, 4 Command Points

Grapeshot, 4 Command Points

Siege Weapons; Trebuchet and Heavy Cannons, ex. Mons Meg,10 Command Points

Stratagems & Tactics

(X represents Attack Stratagems and D represents Defense Stratagems)

Assault X
6 Command Points

Counter Charge D
3 Command Points

Daggers Drawn X
3 Command Points

Feint D
6 Command Points

Flank X
4 Command Points

Personal Retreat D
2 Command Points

Poke X
2 Command Points

Reinforce X or D
3 Command Points

Single Combat X or D

Stand & Defend D
3 Command Points

Withdraw D
3 Command Points

Yield D

Command and Tactics

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