King Edward IV’s Badges and Liverys, 1460-1470

Black bull of clarence badge of edward iv.svg

Black Bull of Clarence as a descendant of Duke Lionel of Antwerp

White lion of mortimer badge of edward iv.svg

White Lion of Mortimer as a descendant of Roger Mortimer, Earl of March & Ulster and rightful heir to King Richard II

Falcon and fetterlock badge of edward iv.svg

A Falcon in Fetterlock, for the city of York

Sun of york.svg

Sun in Splendor for Edward the Earl of March’s victory at the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross in the year 1461
York rose in sun

Yorkist Rose in Sun, the White Rose York imposed over the Sun in Splendor for King Edward’s victory at the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross in March of 1461

King Henry VI’s Badges and Liverys, 1422-1470

Swan badge of henry iv   v.svg

Swan in chains, the badge of King Henry IV and King Henry V of House Lancaster

Chained antelope badge of henry v   vi.svg

Antelope in chains, for his grandfather, King Henry IV of Lancaster

Panther badge of henry vi.svg

Spotted Panther

Crossed feather badge of henry vi.svg

Two crossed ostrich feathers

Red rose badge of lancaster.svg

Red Rose of House Lancaster


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