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  • Basic Rules

    h3. *Character Creation* *Name:* First Name & Family Name (Last Name), titles, lordships, positions, major family relations, & nicknames. h3. *Stats* *Level:* or LVL, is the Player Character's rank in English and Welsh feudal society in c.1470. …

  • Personal Combat


    *Personal Combat*

    *Personal Combat* is a test of arms between two men-at-arms or two Player Character's (_*PC's*_) which may both precede or follow battle between organized armies. Generally Personal or Single …

  • Command and Tactics

    *Command Points*

    Command Points are assigned to Noble Wards and to each Playable (PC) noble commander before a battle takes place in [[Main Page | *War & Roses*]]. They govern the use of attacks and are used in …

  • Battle Units

    *Noble Wards*

    *Noble Ward* describes the household retainers and retinues of any king, lord, baron, or noble commander. Player Character's generally control no more than two characters during campaigns and battles. …