William Hastings

Lord Chamberlain to King Edward IV


Attack: +12

Special Abilities

Practiced Command of Arms
+2 Attack rating bonus in Personal Combat.

Sun in Splendour
Baron Hastings is loyal to the Yorkist cause and to
King Edward IV. Infantry attacks
cost -1 command point less. +1 bonus to
Judgement tests in battle.

Commands currently 2 detachments of archers, 1 detachment of men-at-arms, and 3 knights are sworn to him.


Baron hastings arms ladies loose sleeve

William Hastings is 37 years old in January of 1470. He is the eldest son of Sir Leonard Hastings of Yorkshire who gained famed in France during the Hundred Years’ Wars. He fought at Blore Heath in 1459 and at the Battle of Northampton in 1460 under the Earl of Warwick where he killed Sir Thomas Percy the Baron of Egremont. Sir William fought alongside Edward Duke of York and the Earl of March at the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross in the Winter of 1461. He saved Edward’s life in the melee and was wounded once himself in this battle.

The Yorkists won a great victory in this battle and Edward created a new badge for his household, the Sun in Splendour. Baron Hastings arms are a ladies loose sleeve, or manuch, blazon with red. He was knighted on the field by King Edward IV following his great victory at the Battle of Towton in March of the same year. He slew six men in personal combat and was wounded twice in the snow and blood on Palm Sunday. A year later King Edward named him Baron Hastings and gave him additional lands in the North and in the Midlands. In the year 1465 he led a royal army into eastern Wales and crushed the Lancastrian revolt of Sir David Tudor the Earl of Gower.

He was awarded additional lands in the North of England during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in the same year. Lord Hastings is married to Lady Katherine Neville and they have three children together. Baron Hastings is a Committed Yorkist and is known to be Loyal.

William Hastings

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