William FitzAlan

Baron Maltravers & Admiral of the Cinque Ports


Attack: +7

Special Abilities

+1 bonus to any Courage or
Judgement test.

Bold Command
All infantry and cavalry attacks cost
-1 Command Points in battle.

Commands 7 contingents of sailors, 4 contingents of archers, 2 contingents of militia, and 2 detachments of men-at-arms. FitzAlan is in command of 6 ships, 4 old war cogs and 2 large Portuguese style caravela ships including his flagship, Lady Eleanor.


Baron William FitzAlan is 53 years of age in January of 1470. He is the third eldest son of the Sir John FitzAlan the 15th Earl of Arundel who died in the year 1439. As a young squire he fought in France from 1430-1439. William was knighted by his father after the Battle of Gerberoy in year 1436. He became second in line to the Earldom of Arundel after his brother Sir Henry was killed in the same battle by Sir √Čtienne de Vignolles the Lord of Montmorillon, known to the French and his English enemies alike as La Hire. Sir William became Earl of Arundel when his older brother Sir Humphrey died of fever in the year 1441.

In the War of the Roses thus far; he has fought at the Battle of St. Albans in 1455 in the Yorkist rebel vanguard under his brother-in-law the Earl of Warwick. He fought also at the Battle of Northampton in the year 1460 and at Towton for the House of Lancaster in 1461. King Edward IV named him Lord Warden and Lord Admiral of the Cinque Ports in the year 1468.

FitzAlan is Uncommitted. As Lord Warden & Admiral of the Cinque Ports he is the guardian of the Yorkist ports at Hastings, New Romney, Hythe, Dover, and Sandwich though very little shipping leaves or enters any of these ports due to the Bastard of Fauconberg’s piracy. The Earl of Arundel is married to Lady Margaret Woodville; sister of the Yorkist Queen Elizabeth. They have four children together, his eldest son and heir is twenty-eight year old, Sir Thomas FitzAlan, knighted in the year 1461 by King Edward IV. Sir George commands the war cog Berkeley, John is a boy of twelve, and his daughter is sixteen year old Lady Mary.

William FitzAlan

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