William Beaumont

Viscount Beaumont


Attack: +10

Special Abilities

Adept Command of Arms
+2 Attack rating & +1 Damage to all attacks
made in Personal Combat.

Iron Nerve (+2 Nerve Test Roll).

Commands 3 contingents of men-at-arms, 1 contingent of archers, 4 contingents of Irish kerns, and 2 detachments of mounted archers. One knight, Sir William Cochrane, wears his livery.


Viscount beaumont

William the Viscount Beaumont is 33 years old at the start of War & Roses in January 1470. The young Beaumont saw his first taste of battle at Blore Heath in 1459 fighting under the command of Baron Audley who was slain in the melee. He fought at the Battle Northampton in the year 1460 where his father was slain and where he was seriously wounded.

As Viscount Beaumont he fought at Wakefield in 1460 where the Duke of York and the Earl of Salisbury were killed following a decisive Lancastrian victory turned massacre. Beaumont killed a Northern knight in the battle and then killed the fallen man’s young squire when he came to his older comrades aid. This is an act which still haunts him to this day. Beaumont’s arms are azure & yellow chequer. Sir William was bloodied at Mortimer’s Cross as well where Edward the Earl of March & Earl of Ulster won a victory under three Suns shining in the morning sky. The Viscount Beaumont fought at the Lancastrian victory outside the town of St. Alban’s in 1461 where he fought Sir John Neville Earl Montagu; defeating and capturing him.

He was also wounded twice at Towton in March of 1461. He escaped to Burgundy with 8 men-at-arms where he lived in exile for nearly three years. Viscount Beaumont is still troubled by his many grievous wounds which healed not perfect. In the year 1464 he fought at the Battle Hexham and later fled England to Ireland in order to avoid execution after he was attainted for treason by King Edward IV following the failed Lancastrian Uprising of 1463-1464.

Beaumont lived beyond the Pale for five years thereafter until returning to his lands in 1469. Lord Beaumont is a Committed Lancastrian. His whereabouts are believed to be somewhere nearer to the Scottish side of the Cheviot Hills with his men.

William Beaumont

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