Walter Devereux

Lord of Chartley castle


Attack: +12

Special Abilities

Adept Command of Arms
+2 Attack rating and +1 Damage to all attacks
made in Personal Combat.

Yorkist Rose
+1 Courage and Infantry attacks cost -1 Command Points
every turn that Baron Ferrers commands soldiers for King Edward IV or his representative in the field of battle.

Loyal and Steadfast Commander

Commands 2 detachments of men-at-arms and 1 detachment of archers. 2 knights wear his livery, Sir Henry Armiston and Sir Jacques de Shutre. Sir Walter owns 1 caravela ship.



Walter Devereux the 7th Baron Ferrers of Chartley castle in Staffordshire is 36 years old at the time War & Roses begins. The son of a minor Staffordshire squire and soldier, Sir Walter married into his title at the age of thirteen to Lady Anne Ferrers Baroness of Chartley castle who died in the year 1456. In the War of the Roses thus far, he has fought at Battle of Luford Bridge and at Mortimer’s Cross next to Edward the Earl of March. At Towton Sir Walter fought in the army of King Edward IV where he killed three Lancastrian knights in the mêlée. Named Baron Ferrers of Chartley castle in his own right and made a Knight of Body by King Edward in 1462. In the year 1464 he brought 500 Yorkist men-at-arms to the Battle of Hexham.

During the melee at Hexham he defeated, wounded, and then captured the fierce Lancastrian partisan Sir William Tailboys of Kyme in single combat. Kyme was later tried by the Earl of Worcester and sentenced to beheading. The Lord of Chartley castle campaigned in Wales for King Edward in the year 1465 as well as during the rebellion of Duke of Gower & Lord of Kilvey, Sir David Tudor.

Baron Ferrers of Chartley raised a Yorkist army to fight the rebel lord Robin of Redesdale in the spring of 1469 and then fought for King Edward valiantly at the Battle of Edgecote Moor in July of 1469 where he was severely wounded. Sir Walter fled to Rouen with his son and a small household retinue of Yorkist knights. Baron Ferrers of Chartley is unmarried and is Committed Yorkist. He has one son, a legitimized bastard, eleven year old John.

Walter Devereux

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