Thomas Neville

Bastard of Fauconberg


Attack: +11

Special Abilities

Adept Command of Arms
+2 Attack rating and +1 Damage to all attacks
made in Personal Combat.

+1 bonus to any Courage or
Judgement test.

Commands 10 contingents of sailors, 2 contingents of archers, 1 contingent of men-at-arms, 2 detachments of Burgundian mercenaries and 1 detachment of spies. 8 old war cogs and 2 flagship carracks (+2 Attack Rating) are under his command including the Loup Rouge, his flagship in the Lancastrian navy of his cousin the Earl of Warwick.


Bastard neville w r

41 years old at the time War & Roses begins, Thomas Neville the Bastard of Fauconberg is the natural son of William Neville, Baron Fauconberg and formerly the Earl of Kent. He is an experienced soldier, mercenary, and sailor who has fought in battles from Italy to France and Scotland. His first experience in battle came at Sark in 1448 as a young soldier in the 2nd Earl of Northumberland’s northern host. From 1449-1451 he served Francesco I Sforza the Duke of Milan in the Italian states. Sir Thomas was awarded lands, a substantial manor residence in the city of London, and given an annuity of £700 for ridding the English Channel of pirates and sea bandits from 1453-1455. His arms are a red argent with a label of three azure points.

During the early days of the War of the Roses the Bastard of Fauconberg was a committed Yorkist having fought for his cousin Richard Neville the Earl of Warwick in the Second Battle of St. Albans and then at both the battles of Ferrybridge and Towton in March of 1461. In 1469 he rebelled against the Yorkists along with most of the Neville family. The Bastard of Fauconberg fought at the Battle of Edgecote Moor where King Edward was defeated and his Yorkist power-base scattered. He was gravely wounded but still killed two Yorkist knights after an arrow nearly pierced his throat through. The Bastard of Fauconberg currently sails between London and Channel into the North sea looking for Yorkist, Castilian, or French ships to plunder.

Thomas Neville

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