John Howard

Lord Howard Treasurer of the Yorkist household


Attack: +9

Special Abilities

Man of Letters
Lord Howard receives a +2 Judgement
bonus to any non-combat test rolls.

Practiced Command of Arms
+2 Attack rating in Personal Combat.

Command 1 contingent of men-at-arms, 3 contingents of archers, and 5 knights wear his livery. Lord Howard owns three ships off the coast of Norfolk, the Mary Grace, his flagship, Margaret Grace, and the Thomas, all old war-cogs built during the reign of Henry V.


Lord howard

Lord John Howard is 44 years old in January of 1470. He is a committed Yorkist and one of the most trusted confidants of both King Edward IV and his brother Richard the Duke of Gloucester. He fought at the Battle of Castillon in 1453 under Sir John Talbot the Earl of Shrewsbury. In the War of the Roses thus far, he has fought for the House of York at the Battle of Blore Heath in 1459, Battle of Northampton in 1460, the Second Battle of St. Albans, Mortimer’s Cross, and Towton in the year 1461.

Lord Howard is a rich nobleman who holds extensive trade interests in Burgundy as well as in the Flemish and German kingdoms, he holds manors, estates, and lands in the midlands and southern England. His arms are a red field with a bend between six white crosses charged with a red lion pierced through the mouth with an arrow within a tressure counter. Sir John was knighted by King Edward himself on the battlefield after his victory at Towton in March of 1461. From 1464-1465 he campaigned in Wales for King Edward.

He is known to be a die hard Yorkist and is also a personal favorite of the king, who considers him a close confidant, adviser, and father-like figure. Lord Howard is very close with the king’s youngest brother Richard Plantagenet, the Duke of Gloucester, though George the Duke of Clarence hates him. Howard is unmarried and is a Committed Yorkist.

John Howard

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