Henry Holland

3rd Duke of Exeter


Attack: +10

Special Abilities

Bold Command
All infantry and cavalry attacks cost
-1 Command Points in battle.

Practiced Command Of Arms
+2 Attack rating bonus in Personal Combat.

Commands 10 contingents of Devonshire militia, 5 contingents of men-at-arms, 4 contingents of archers, and 1 contingent of mounted men-at-arms. One knight, Sir John Quartermain of Oxford, wears his livery. His standard bearer is esquire Peter Stockdale.


Holland beacon on fire badge w r

Sir Henry Holland the Duke of Exeter is 40 years old in the year 1470. The Duke of Exeter is a staunch Lancastrian of royal blood as the son of the 2nd Duke of Exeter, Sir John Holland. Sir John was himself a grandson of Sir John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster and father of Henry of Bolingbroke; who took the throne as Henry IV in the year 1399. As such, The Duke of Exeter has a claim to the Lancastrian throne. Sir Henry inherited his father’s titles and lands in the year 1447. He is a cruel man known to be irritable and susceptible to volatile and sometimes violent outbursts. His personal badge is a beacon of fire on a mound. Early in the War of the Roses he fought at the Battle of St. Albans in the year 1455.

Sir Henry was captured in this battle and imprisoned by the Yorkists for exactly one year. Holland fought at the Battle of Ludford Bridge in 1459 where he killed two men-at-arms in the melee. The Duke of Exeter was also at the Battle of Wakefield in 1460 where he fought Sir Edmund Mitchill in single combat, capturing him following their tilt. The Duke of Exeter fought at the Second Battle of St. Albans, Mortimer’s Cross, and at the Battle of Towton in March of 1461 where he was wounded two times in the snow and blood on Palm Sunday but still killed half a dozen men by his own hand. He fled first to Scotland and then to exile in France following Towton and his attainder for treason. Sir Henry is married to Lady Anne of York, the eldest daughter of Richard the Duke of York, as such he is the brother-in-law to King Edward IV although he is and remains a Committed Lancastrian.

Henry Holland

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