Henry Bourchier

Lord High Treasurer to King Edward IV


Attack: +7

Special Abilities

Old Soldier
+2 Command Points.

Commands 10 Contingents Yorkshire levies, 6 contingenets of archers, 2 contingents of mounted spears, 2 contingents of men-at-arms, and 2 detachments of German gunners manning two light guns. He commands four knights including his son’s Sir John and Sir Thomas.


Baron Henry Bourchier, Viscount Bourchier, and the Earl of Essex is a Committed Yorkist and currently serves Lord High Treasurer to King Edward VI is an old soldier of 66 years old in January of 1470. A veteran of the Hundred Years’ War in France he fought there from 1421-1439 and again from 1440-1446, for his services he was created Viscount Bourchier in the year 1445. Sir Henry was created Earl of Essex by King Edward IV three months after the Yorkist victory in the great bloodbath at Towton on Palm Sunday, 1461, which confirmed Edward of York as King of England.

In the War of the Roses thus far, the Earl of Essex has been known as one of the most steadfast Yorkist allies in Northern England. He fought at St. Albans in 1455, Northampton in 1460, and at the Yorkist defeat in the Second Battle of St. Albans where Sir Richard Neville the Earl of Warwick was defeated outside the town of St. Albans. Henry brought 1000 men-at-arms and archers to the Battle of Towton in March of 1461 and lost 500 of his own in the battle including several kinsmen.

He lost his eldest son Sir Thomas at Wakefield in 1460 and another son, Sir Henry, was slain at the Battle of Hedgeley Moor fighting under Lord Montagu. His surviving sons are Humphrey Bourchier, Lord Cromwell, Sir John of Jaywick, and Sir Thomas, a young knight of seventeen. The Earl of Essex is married to Lady Anne Woodville the daughter of the Earl of Rivers and sister of the Yorkist Queen of England, Elizabeth Woodville. He is a Committed Yorkist and is known to be Loyal and Prudent.

Henry Bourchier

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