George Sparkes

The Red Hound of Nantwich


Attack: +12

Special Abilities

+1 bonus to any Courage or
Judgement test.

Fury of the Red Hound
Gain 1, +10 Attack. If successful inflict
5 points of damage on target & 1 wound. In addition
Cleave the targets armor inflicting a -3
Armor Rating penalty for the rest of battle.

Commands 2 contingents of men-at-arms, 3 contingents of Irish kerns, 1 contingent of archers, and 1 detachment of mounted spears. Sir Peter Dychfield of Essex wears his livery.


Red dog arms

Sir George Sparkes of Cheshire is 25 years of age in January of 1470. George is the only son of Lady Wolvesley and Sir Hugh Sparkes, in his youth a squire to the Duke of York. After his father’s death in the Battle of Castillion, young George was fostered by Sir Kendrew Gwin of Wales. Named Lord of Nantwich when he was sixteen years old in the year 1463. His first taste of battle came in 1461 when he rode to the Second of St. Albans with his foster-father Sir Kendrew; though he did not participate in any of the fighting that day.

In the year 1464 he fought in the Yorkist vanguard of the Earl Montagu where he was wounded slightly at the Battle of Hedgley Moor. Sir George killed a Scottish spearman who nearly caught him unawares in the press. Sir George fought at Hexham field in the same month where he killed two Lancastrian men-at-arms with his war hammer in the melee and was himself wounded twice. Sir Kendrew was slain in this battle by Sir Edmund Beaufort who became Duke of Somerset and Earl of Dorset after the execution of his brother Henry following the battles’ conclusion.

The Lord of Nantwich campaigned in Wales for five months following the rebellion of Sir David Tudor in Eastern Wales under the command of Baron Hastings. He was among those knighted by King Edward IV at the coronation of his wife Queen Elizabeth in 1465. His arms are a red hunting hound on a field or argent. Because of his arms many of lower rank call him the Red Hound of Nantwich. He is unmarried and is a Yorkist Well Wisher.

George Sparkes

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