George Plantagenet

Duke of Clarence, the third son of Richard the Duke of York & younger brother to King Edward IV


Attack: +10

Special Abilities

Amateur Command at Arms
+1 Attack rating in Personal Combat.

+1 bonus to any Courage or
Judgement test.

Commands 8 contingents of German mercenaries, 6 contingents of men-at-arms from the Calais garrison, 6 contingents of archers, and 4 contingents of Yorkshire levies.

Special Circumstances

Declare the Duke of Clarence the rightful Yorkist king as the eldest surviving legitimate son of Richard the Duke of York. Must have the consent of Earl of Warwick. Gain +1 Level immediately. This means Clarence is now a enemy of all committed Yorkists and his brother, King Edward IV. Also, this circumstance creates essentially two Lancastrian factions- the Clarence and Duke of Warwick faction and pro-Prince of Wales and Queen Margaret, supporting the defunct claim of King Henry VI.


Black bull of clarence badge of edward iv.svg

George the Duke of Clarence is 22 years of age in the year 1470, the second oldest living son of Richard the Duke of York, he is the brother of King Edward and Richard the Duke of Gloucester. Named the Duke of Clarence in Autumn of 1461 after his brother’s triumph on the battlefield at Towton. George is known to be a plotter and schemer and is known to have harbored treasonous intentions against his brother at least once before. Currently he is allied with the House of Lancaster. Clarence wears the Black Bull of Clarence as his personal badge.

The Duke of Clarence’s eldest brother King Edward IV is currently trying to win back the throne from the Lancastrians, who with the help of both the Richard Neville Earl of Warwick and Earl of Salisbury, John Neville the Earl of Montagu and Duke of Northumberland, and the Duke of Clarence, overthrew King Edward in July of 1469 following the Battle of Edgecote Moor after which King Edward was made a noble captive of the Earl of Warwick.

Clarence received a slight wound in the battle and inflicted mortal wounds on a Yorkist knight sworn to his brother. Both Warwick and the Duke of Clarence currently claim that King Edward was born illegitimate and is therefore the illegitimate king. Many believe Clarence desires the throne for himself; though he remains outwardly pro-Lancastrian. Sir George is married to Lady Isabel Neville, the eldest daughter of the Earl of Warwick. He is a Lancastrian Well Wisher.

George Plantagenet

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