Edward Plantagenet

Edward of Westminster, son & heir to King Henry VI


Attack: +10

Special Abilities

Amateur Command Of Arms
+1 Attack Rating in Personal Combat.

Prince Mordred
Prince Edward is feared by his Yorkist
enemies. +1 LVL to all save tests. +2
Command Points per turn in battle.

Commands 6 contingents of Lancastrian men-at-arms, 6 contingents of archers, 8 contingents of French mercenaries, and 10 knights, including his most trusted retainer, Sir John Fortescue.


Prince of wales

Edward of Westminster the Prince of Wales, is the only son and heir of King Henry VI and his wife Queen Marguerite of Anjou. He is 17 years old in January of 1470. Born just two years before the War of the Roses began on the battlefield at St. Albans in 1455, the Prince of Wales was disinherited after his father’s Lancastrian army was defeated and King Henry captured by the Duke of York in the First Battle of St. Albans. King Henry later agreed to make the Duke of York and his heirs the rightful heirs to the Lancastrian throne by law; disinheriting his only son and heir. Prince Edward’s device is three ostrich feathers with the words Ich dien, meaning I Serve in German. This tradition began with Edward the Black Prince, son of King Edward III, who had taken three magnificently beautiful white ostrich feathers from the slain King John of Bohemia’s helm at the Battle of Crécy in the year 1346.

The Prince of Wales’ mother Queen Margaret of Anjou fought furiously first at court and later led soldiers to the battlefield herself to defend her only son’s rightful claim to rule England, Ireland, and god-willing, France as well from 1459-1461. For most of his formative years Edward lived in Westminster before fleeing to exile in Scotland and France with his mother and a small number of Lancastrian couriers. Prince Edward first witnessed battle at Hexham in the year 1464. His tutor in arms, warfare, battle tactics, and courtship has been Sir Edmund Beaufort the Duke of Somerset and Earl of Dorset.

His first taste of independent command came in 1467 he sacked Norfolk alongside the Duke of Somerset. Lancastrian raiders attempted to sack Kings Lynn and plundered many seaside residences during the raid. The Prince himself slew the captain of the town’s guard near the city docks. The Prince of Wales is betrothed to marry Lady Anne Neville, youngest daughter of the Earl of Warwick. He is considered by committed Lancastrians to be the rightful Lancastrian heir to the throne of England despite his disinheritance.

Edward Plantagenet

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