Edmund Mitchill

Lord of Guildford castle & Knight of Oxshott


Attack: +10

Special Abilities

Amateur Command Of Arms
+1 Attack Rating in Personal Combat.

Bold Command
All infantry and cavalry attacks cost
-1 Command Points in battle.

Bloodthirsty and Prudent.

Commands 2 contingents of archers, 3 contingents of men-at-arms, 5 contingents of Surrey militia, 2 contingents of mounted spears, and 2 detachments of Burgundian handgunners. 3 knights are sworn to him in addition; Sir William Ellis of Lancashire, Sir Ralph Ramsey, a veteran of Northampton and Wakefield in 1460, and Sir George Mitchill, his nephew and heir.


Loup yellow

Baron Edmund Mitchill the Knight of Oxshott is 41 years old at the start of War & Roses, 1470. The son of Sir George Mitchill of Surrey he was named the Knight Oxshott in 1447 by King Henry VI. He had an elder sister half-ster, Lady Eleanor Mitchill, who died in 1451. The Mitchill family has a long and proud tradition of Crusading in the Holy Land dating back to King Richard I in the year 1190. Sir Edmund fought under Sir John Talbot the Earl of Shrewsbury in France alongside his father from 1448-1453. His father was killed in southern France at the Battle of Castillon in the year 1453 alongside the Earl of Shrewsbury and Edmund was wounded twice in the battle by French spears but was able to retreat from the prodigious slaughter of the English army and fled back to England via Rouen.

Edmund’s coat of arms is a yellow tiger on a field of green. From 1454-1458, Sir Edmund served on a crusade in the East against the Turks in the Christian kingdoms of Wallachia, Moldavia, and Bulgaria. He fought on contract under Lord Janko Hunyandi of Hungary in the defence of Belgrade against the Turkish army of Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror of Constantinople in 1456-1457. Edmund returned to England in the year 1459. In the War of the Roses thus far, Baron Esher fought at the Battle of Northampton and Wakefield in 1460 for the Yorkists where he was wounded by the the Duke of Exeter, Sir Henry Holland in single combat and captured. As a result Baron Esher was forced to fight for the House of Lancaster under the Duke of Somerset at the Second Battle of St. Albans.

Sir Edmund later fought for the House of York again at the Battle Towton in 1461. In the year 1464 he fought at Battle of Hedgley Moor where he was wounded in the press of the battle. He is married to Lady Alice Montfort. Baron Eshers long standing rival is Sir Ralph Bromley, Lord of Wigmore. He is a Committed Yorkist. Sir George Mitchill, his twenty eight year old nephew and heir has been his ward since the age of eight. This knight and former mercenary is rumored to be an illegitimate Lancastrian of royal blood through an undisclosed relation to the long dead King Henry V.

Edmund Mitchill

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